Get Started With Your Fundraising Today

Step 1 – Set Up & Sell

Contact Integrity Fundraising to setup your fundraiser dates.

Set a goal. Motivate your group to hit the goal with prizes & fun incentives.

Pass out the order forms to your group. Effectively communicating the details of your fundraiser is the key to success.

Family, friends, neighbors and coworkers are sure to buy if you simply ask them to support your cause. Posting to Facebook and other social media sites can boost sales.

Step 2 – Wrap Up & Collect

Remind your group a few days prior that the fundraiser is ending.

Collect order forms and money on the due date.

Organize your order forms.

Step 3 – Tabulate & Submit

Open the link to the Group Leader Portal, this is found in your original confirmation email. Call 303-688-1780 if you need the link sent to you again.

Enter the seller’s name, the totals by flavor and the total amount of money collected.

Once everyone’s order has been entered, click the SUBMIT button. You will receive an email notification that your order has been submitted.

You can expect to see your final invoice sent via email in 36 – 48hrs.

Step 4 – Deliver & Enjoy

Have your order forms at the delivery. Recruit volunteers as needed.

Our driver will help organize and place your order where needed.

If your group is not a school, please have a check ready at delivery made payable to: Integrity Fundraising. Terms are available for schools.

Distribute the delicious products & enjoy your profits!

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