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Step 1

Pass out order forms  to your group.  Motivate your group  with prizes or  oncentives and set  your goal high!  You can print extra  order forms from our  website, or just  attach a second page.

Step 2

Collect order forms and money on the due date. Organize your order forms by last name and/or class. Make sure the order forms have the person’s name and phone number.

Step 3

Tabulate the totals by flavor using the Excel spreadsheet that we provided. This can also be done long hand using an extra order form. Deposit the funds that were collected into your groups account. Have the order forms available at delivery

Step 4

E-mail the spreadsheet or call us with your grand totals for each flavor. Also, online ordering is available on our website. Confirm your delivery time and place.

You may update your totals two days before your delivery.

Step 5

At delivery, have your order forms, volunteers and a few long tables ready to breakdown your order. We will assist you with this assembly line process. It’s fun and easy!

If your group is not a school* please have a check ready at delivery made payable to: Integrity Fundraising

Fund Raising Goal

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Butter Braid Pastries

Butter Braid® pastries are light and flaky, containing mouthwatering fillings like cinnamon, cream cheese and various fruit flavors.

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